Welcome to the Boundless Connections news and media archives. As you can imagine, a company that’s closing the digital divide, increasing the tech literacy of the workforce and developing and retaining a tech talent pipeline is moving rather quickly and has many compelling stories to share. 

It’s Time to Get a 3d Printer

Everyone needs a 3d printer. They just don’t know it. You are probably hearing a lot about 3d printing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Colleges, schools, businesses and even boys scouts are using 3d printers to make n95 masks, face shields and parts for ventilators. If you had a 3d printer at home, you could be making your own Personal Protective Equipment for your family and friends right now and perhaps for front line medical workers.

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5 Tips for Transitioning to Tech

Technology is ever-changing and expecting things to take longer than expected is part the trick to being comfortable with it. The transition to tech can be challenging, but these tips should help you transform trepidation into excitement.

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