TECH Unleashed


Our cornerstone year-round program for 13-17 year olds!

Over 160 hours of guided exploration of various technology including 3d printing, audio/video editing, coding/programming, smart tech and automation, eSports, and virtual and augmented reality.

Community engagement, leadership, teamwork, diversity, flexibility and digital responsibility are interwoven into the program as participants become an integral component of your community tech center.

More about TECH Unleashed:

Our cornerstone program for 13-17 year olds

It's a Year Round Program

TECH Unleashed meets at least once a week year round with half or full day camps during breaks and over the summer.

Tech literacy is a constant state of learning.

Self-Paced Projects

Participants engage at their own pace so they don’t have to try to keep up… or wait up for others. This means they can participate in the arts/sports and pick up where they left off. Win WIN!

Leadership and Teamwork

All participants have the opportunity to lead and be a part of other teams. This program actively discusses stereotypical barriers and how to overcome them together.

Stewards of Technology

Participants are empowered to become stewards of technology, assisting others, and bridging the generational digital divide.

Recognizing technology is a powerful tool, this program is a constant conversation on how to use it to build instead of destroy.

Career Connections

TECH Unleashed projects are selected by participants in service to the community.

As a result, many of our participants offered internships and other job opportunities as soon as they have working papers.

Ongoing Conversations

While the community service projects are the glue that keeps the group focused on developing their tech skills, participants also get help with project and time management, public speaking, research, and networking.

What people say about us

Good Words From Good People

Malachi - Current TECH Unleashed Member

“I love it here. There’s a bunch of tech people I can talk to… It’s kind of like a second family.”

~ Malachi, 14 years old
Future Animator?

A teacher talks about the Tech Center

“Technology is in our lives whether we want it or not… and it is part of our future whether we like it or not. And so to become friends with technology and learn how to use it and use properly, use it wisely, um… use it with discernment… I think it’s important.” 

~ Cari Matejka, Teacher & Founder of Literacy of Love

Health & Safety Has Always Been a Priority

As a community technology center we have always been committed to the health and safety of our guests, visitors, participants and members. We have always had hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray within reach of all equipment. We’ve taken additional measures to ensure compliance with COVID19 safety standards.

Additional Steps Taken for COVID19

In addition to our standard health and safety procedures, we now also:

  • Provide a sanitized face shield to all guests, visitors, participants, and members upon request
  • Installed touchless faucet, soap and paper towel dispenser
  • Keep the door propped open during staffed hours



The tech center provides a focal point for young and old with various skill-sets and interests to collaborate and utilize the power of cutting-edge technology.
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