A TECH Talent Pipeline

In order to find and develop more tech talent, we need to cast a wide net. Our tech centers provide access to state-of-the-art technology and are open to all ages, all abilities, and all interests.


Its all about the numbers. We’ve found that 1 in 10 of our members/participants end up in the tech industry. 

That means for every 1000 participants/members, we will develop about 100 diverse and talented individuals for the tech industry – and only half of those had ever considered tech as a career.

The other 900 become part of a much needed tech literate workforce.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. We do not offer desk or office rentals but our members can use the space and equipment to get work their work done. 

No – makerspaces are focused on using tools to build physical things. We are focused on digital things. We do have 3d printers, however our focus is on the software and design of 3d printing. We encourage our members and participants to engage in local makerspaces as there is a crossover in interest.

We do NOT teach tech classes. We can tutor people in our tech center who are taking online or in person classes. We can also assist people in finding the right class/curriculum for their goals.

We are a for-profit business which allows us to keep up with the constant changes in technology. We work closely with non-profits to make sure what we offer is accessible to everyone.

The main impact we are having is the confidence to pursue more ambitious goals. Some of our pipeline program participants have secured their dream jobs. Others have started their own business. We’ve even hired a few of them. 

We’ve worked with over 400 people in the past 10 years with roughly 200 last year alone. 

Just like the sports industry, there are many ways for people and companies to be involved as members, participants, sponsors, partners and investors. Contact us and we’ll set up a time to connect.

About the founders

Christina and Mike met and worked together at Cutco where they designed and built a multi-million dollar ecommerce site in 2005. That site is still considered state-of-the-art today.

They’ve worked together since 2009, applying their cross industry experience to close the digital divide making the technology centers accessible to everyone.

They are co-authors of the book “Beyond the Divide – Men and Women Learning from Each Other.” 


Christina Lopez

Founder, Owner & CEO
Boundless Connections, LLC

Mike Marvin

Michael Marvin

Founder, Executive Director
Strength Solutions, Inc.

TEAM at our Flagship in Rochester, NY
Expert Connections

Kelsey Boudin

The Infrastructure of a community

Our tech centers are designed to be an integral part of the community. We do this by focusing on the individual experience of every person who comes through our doors and connecting with the local organizations and businesses to fill the gaps and support local initiatives.

Our strategic partners include non-profits, education, and tech companies.

Strength Solutions Logo

Our non-profit partner

Strength Solutions spearheads the fundraising and grant writing to make this affordable for everyone in the Rochester area. We are pleased to announce that we have secured enough funding to provide partial scholarships on an as needed basis. If you feel that you are unable to cover the cost of the program simply indicate the amount you can contribute and scholarship will cover the rest.

Still have questions?

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