Tech Skills Crisis:

We Understand

the Assignment

The challenge:
Over 1.5 million open IT jobs in America.
Only 55,000 graduating with a degree in tech per year.

Our solution:
On demand, self-paced, personalized, in person tech education.

The Result:
A tech literate workforce AND a diverse tech talent pipeline.

Our stats prove it

Our participants & members visit an average of 32 times per year

Under 17-years-old
18-49 years-old
Over 50 years-old
Other Abled

The power of cross industry Innovation

We’ve taken the success of the sports industry and applied it to the tech industry. Not everyone is a professional athlete… but its a way to stay physically fit throughout life.

This is true of Tech Literacy as well. Not everyone is a computer expert… but we all need to keep up with technology which requires a constant state of learning.

The success of the sports industry lies in its accessibility throughout life in various ways. It’s multi-generational approach has helped it thrive through every economic and political challenge. 

Tech can be cold and lonely so we invite every member and program participant to use tech in the best ways possible while looking for opportunities to connect with each other. 

What We Do

Our Sustainable Solution

• Cast a wide net – all ages, all abilities, all interests.
• Give constant access to state-of-the-art technology.
• Provide a clear path for continual learning.
• Get the whole family involved.
• Engage the expertise of the community.
• Support K-12 and higher education.
• Maintain a tech literate workforce.

A peek into our Rochester, NY Tech Center

How We Do It

Our Sustainable Approach

The same way the sports industry does it-
we’ve established various ways for individuals, communities, organizations, and businesses to access state-of-the-art technology.

Our facilitators are like coaches – helping each person continually progress at their own pace. We coordinate community and industry experts as needed and our ‘once you know it, show it’ philosophy effectively eliminates the idea that there are tech people and non-tech people.

Why We Do It

The Research is Clear

While the education system and businesses continue to struggle to keep up with the constant state of change, few new comprehensive models have been presented and current “best practices” have not been able to make a difference. 

All of the research has come to the same conclusion: more is needed than currently exists. The most current research points to the need for lifelong, in-person support for digital education.

We have that figured out. 🙂

What Makes
Us Different

On demand

We focus on your
interests and what
you need – right now. 


No need to keep
up with or wait
for others – you
set the pace. 


Beginner to expert and
everything in between
– we got you.


Our members and
participants support
each other’s progress.


All ages, all interests,
all abilities – with the
stats to prove it.


Staying relevant
with community and
industry partnerships.

What We

We don’t develop curriculum – it already exists and is readily accessible.

We don’t teach classes – that’s like trying to teach piano to more than one person at a time.

We don’t duplicate other
in-person STEM initiatives –
there’s plenty of gaps to fill.

We don’t separate by anything other than age – diversity brings innovation, confidence, and excitement.